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Welcome to Travis Wine Imports! Come see what we have to offer, including exclusive wines sourced from Tunisia.

     We are focused on bringing some amazing wines to American consumers. Kathy Bailey, the founder of Travis Wine Imports, has spent years in Tunisia getting to know the wine industry from the grapes to the bottles. She has chosen a sample of the best wines to share.
     Tunisians have been making wine for thousands of years but it is only now available in the US. Domaine Neferis and Cave Ceptunes are two of the most outstanding, family-owned wineries and they are both making delicious wine. The climate of Tunisia is influenced by the Mediterranean, and many of the grapes are from France, so you will taste many similarities to wines from France and southern Italy, but they definitely reflect the Tunisian terroir. Taste and
     Check out the videos below for a more in-depth look at the two featured wineries, Domaine Neferis and Cave Ceptunes, as well as an all-access short documentary on Tunisian wine and travel!
Wines of Tunisia
Travis Wine Imports

Wines of Tunisia

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